Daily Bread PA

Based out of Pittsburgh, Daily Bread started in early 2009 as an online clothing and lifestyle photo journal by founder and creative director Bill Niels.

The site represented a new generation of graffiti writers, skateboarders, and hip hop artists. It connected readers and fans with artists, inner city culture, and music through photography.


In late 2010, Bill began designing and organizing the brand’s first seasonal clothing line. Rooted in raw culture in all its forms from the beginning, Daily Bread is a street wear, photography and art collective. Being less than 3 years old, the brand has already collaborated and worked with some of today’s most unique and highly decorated artists. What was once a lifestyle of few has become a movement of many, and is portrayed through Daily Bread’s seasonal lines of high quality cottons, caps, and vintage fabrics. Each line is produced in very limited quantities, carefully crafting exclusive garments in limitless styles.



Daily Bread PA  5450 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA

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Website- www.dailybreadpa.com

Contact- Ryan Haynes 724-996-8773


Head Strong Clothing

Head Strong Clothing

HeadStrong is a lifestyle choice to take risks, exceed expectations, and exemplify excellence. Checkout there unique and captivating style that they have. The name of the brand fits for today youth. Everyone need to stay “HeadStrong” so you can accomplish your goals in life.
IG: @HeadStrongLifestyle
Twitter: @HeadStrongLife

Always Running Into People

Always Running Into People

The other day former NBA basketball player P.J. Brown were at Starbucks. I was doing my regular morning walk to Starbucks , stopped and say “Hey,are you P.J. Brown!!”. He is a very nice and welcome person. We had a very short conversation but it was wonderful. He even asked was I going to school in the area. The man care what the youth are doing. Thank You P.J. Brown .

SMH!! Who Got Caught Slippin By The Liquor Store

SMH!! Who Got Caught Slippin By The Liquor Store

Embassy Suites hotel van got caught busted down in the rain right directly in front of the liquor store in Dunwoody, Ga. Hmmmm was there a little break that was being taken before the van break down. Only you can wonder and picture what is going on. At least they have a matching umbrella with the van but don’t pay attention to that.