Face Guard Clothing

The Face Guard Clothing brand was founded in 2012 by Antoine Thaxton when he decided to design some T-shirts with just a pencil, paper and inspiration. He dreamed to create a brand which he would love to wear, He wanted to blur the lines between high premium fashion and the everyday consumer. Face Guard Clothing isn’t just a clothing line, it has a meaning behind it “Fighting through negativity to reach your goal”. Antoine Thaxton, feels that showing positivity toward reaching for ones goals and dreams will help everyone realize that life can be what you want it to be, if you work hard for it and believe in yourself.






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Antoine Thaxton
Website: Coming Spring 2014

CEO/Creative Director
Face Guard Clothing


Daily Bread PA

Based out of Pittsburgh, Daily Bread started in early 2009 as an online clothing and lifestyle photo journal by founder and creative director Bill Niels.

The site represented a new generation of graffiti writers, skateboarders, and hip hop artists. It connected readers and fans with artists, inner city culture, and music through photography.


In late 2010, Bill began designing and organizing the brand’s first seasonal clothing line. Rooted in raw culture in all its forms from the beginning, Daily Bread is a street wear, photography and art collective. Being less than 3 years old, the brand has already collaborated and worked with some of today’s most unique and highly decorated artists. What was once a lifestyle of few has become a movement of many, and is portrayed through Daily Bread’s seasonal lines of high quality cottons, caps, and vintage fabrics. Each line is produced in very limited quantities, carefully crafting exclusive garments in limitless styles.



Daily Bread PA  5450 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA

Twitter- @dailybreadpa

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Website- www.dailybreadpa.com

Contact- Ryan Haynes 724-996-8773


TTGMoB Clothing

TTGMoB (SQUAD) Clothing , Was Established On November 23,2013 By Marion “Dha Prodii-G” Wilson. The Term TTGMoB Started As A High School Rap Group Name, Meaning (Trained To Go), Basically Saying They’ll Always Have Each Others Backs & M.o.B (Minding Our Business) Basically Saying That Making It To The Top Is The Only Thing They Are Focused On. Then The Name Went Local As The Group Began To Slit. However Dha Prodii-G Never Stopped With The Movement & Now It Is In The Process Of Becoming A Nationwide Name. As He Continues To Push The Name (TTGMoB) & His Career As An Unsigned Rap Artist, He Asks Everyone If Please Support, & Purchase His New Clothing. 
T-Shirts- $15.00
Sweaters- $17.00
Hoodies- $20.00
For All Orders Contacts DhaRealProdiiG@Gmail.com
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Young Dreamers Clothing Co

Young Dreamers Clothing Co. Is An ATL Based Clothing Brand That Strives To Inspire UrbanYouth Around The City. With Our New 90’s Inspired Crewneck For The Fall We Are Trying To Strongly Encourage The Youth Of Today To Stay True To Themselves And Never Forget Where They Come From. Our Motto Here At YD Is: “Trust Few, Respect Some, & Inspire All”. 
Twitter: @YoungDreamersCC
Instagram: @YoungDreamersCC

InDo Clothing

InDo Clothing Is A Brand That Caters To It’s Youth & Hip Hop Scene 
The Branded Was Founded In Jacksonville, Fl With Only One Goal and
That Was To Be Seen InDo Clothing Has Grew Rapid Through Out The
State Of Florida And Have Caught The Eyes Of Many Texas & Louisiana
Residents. The Meaning Behind InDo Clothing Is To Be Your Self Stay Up
For What You Believe In And Ignore The Negativity Of Others. 
Social Links
twitter: @indoclothingco
Instagram: indoclothing

Stay (+) Apparel “Live Life, Stay Positive”

Stay (+) is a fairly new hat brand in Atlanta and established in January 2013. It is not only a brand but a lifestyle. Our focus is to bring nothing but positive vibes to everyone that comes across the brand, avoiding negativity in every sort of way. Our motto is “Live life, stay positive”. We want everyone to live a positive life and remain fashionable while doing so. 
Any inquiries or purchases about the brand please contact us at
IG/Twitter: @staypositiveinc, @flockaland