Coolie Collection

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Coolie Collection is an up and coming clothing line out of Daytona Beach, Florida that was created by Terez Anderson (aka “300REZ”).  The name Coolie Collection derived from the word “cool,” but it has also been a verbal saying for the 20 year-old fashion head since 2010 via Twitter and Facebook. This collection is more of a Street/Urban Line, displaying many white and dark colors. In October, Coolie Collection is only a year old and Terez’ hard work and dedication have resulted in making a huge impact across the US, & even over seas

What age did you start your clothing line, and how?

I started at 19, by getting the word “Coolie” screen printed on a sweater, then posting it on Instagram. From there I’ve been selling hoodies and Sweaters locally around Daytona Beach.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy playing Basketball, Shopping, and Photography.

Are there any people who inspire you, career wise? If not who is your biggest inspiration?

Nobody in particular really inspires me, but music really motivates me a lot, it keeps me rolling.

Where do you shop?

I’m a hefty guy so I cannot shop at all the good spots, so I thrift a lot.

Describe your dream girl.

That’s a hard one, but beautiful inside and out. Just a girl striving to reach her goals and not wait on the next.

What is one place you would like to travel and why?

Anywhere overseas. I’m a simple guy so I would just like to experience how different things are.

What do you have planned for the future?

I plan on making my line as major as can be, I would also like to open a store in the near future.

What is a quote that keeps you motivated?

No specific quote at the moment, but the fans and supporters keep me motivated.

Are there any designers you would like to work with?

I would love to collab with 40oz , and make a hat or something of that sorts. That’s about it.

How can fans connect with you?