“Got Caught Slippin’

Another episode of ” Got Caught Slippin’ ” .The master of disguise was out the other day and ran across this one fellow.My Spanish padre must just had a long day and food gave him that “i-tis” feeling. Coronas and wings can make anyone pass out anywhere.


Can You See Who “Got Caught Slippin”

The master of disguise was out and about the other day to catch someone else slipping. The funny part was that the guy in front of him almost got caught slippin also. Watch out, you will never know when the camera is on you.

SMH!! Who Got Caught Slippin By The Liquor Store

SMH!! Who Got Caught Slippin By The Liquor Store

Embassy Suites hotel van got caught busted down in the rain right directly in front of the liquor store in Dunwoody, Ga. Hmmmm was there a little break that was being taken before the van break down. Only you can wonder and picture what is going on. At least they have a matching umbrella with the van but don’t pay attention to that.

Meet Mr. Big Strings

Meet Mr. Big Strings

He is a bassist, concert photographer, and a composer. Mr. Big Strings is based in Atlanta,Ga. His creativity makes him different than the normal photographer. Let him open up your mind and create a master piece behind his camera.
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