The New Kid On The Rock: Hip-Hop Meets Their New Jeweler, Mr. Flawless (VIDEO)

Global Grind

Bling, ice, chains, call it what you may, but jewelry and hip-hop have been synonymous since the days of overly adorned clock necklaces and bedtime stories from Rick the Ruler himself. And where there’s a demand, there is most definitely a supplier.

The age of Diddy rap saw name drops and MTV visits to Jacob Arabo, also known affectionately by the hip-hop community as Jacob the Jeweler, but with a new wave of artists came a new wave of jewelers. Younger, quicker, and with imaginations grand enough to bring CoCo’s Smooth Magazine cover to life, Ben Baller and Mr. Flawless are just two of the names taking the diamond game under their wings, one custom diamond encrusted bezel at a time.

Mr. Flawless, as Greg Yuna, didn’t mean to put his career as a mortgage broker on ice, but when it came to the jewelry business the crown was a natural fit, as the Queens native struck gold…

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