Slang Knowledge: Turn Up.

That's Totally Rad.

The phrase “turn up” has been thrown at me so much in the last week I might have accidentally incorporated it into my own vocabulary.

I’m only 27 years old but I feel old when I hear all the teenagers yelling “TURN UPPP!!!! I’MA BE TURNEDDD UPPPPP!!! GET TURNT UP SON!!!!” and I’m like “what?”

I picture a turnip.

Urban says TURN UP means to “let loose and have fun.”

I assumed it meant get wild and/or get fucked up.

Let loose and have fun? Totally!


Kevin Hart turns up with his kids here:

Which is quite similar to how I turn up, but my turning has more hip in it.

Winding those hips.

I try to get turnt up at least twice a day.

Turning up just makes things better.

Try it.

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