Feast on Real Food!


Green Sprout


People ask me all the time what do I eat as a vegan, as if there’s NO other options outside of meat, cheese, and bread. Lettuce is not the only vegetable out there. Here’s a day out to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. It is all vegetarian, no meat whatsoever, but most importantly, lots of vegetables! The key root of vegetarian is the same as vegetables, sadly too many people think of vegetarian as mashed potatoes and fake mac n cheese. This place makes soy and other veggies taste amazingly like real chicken or fish (even my non-vegetarian friends have tried it and admit this!), but they also give more broccoli and other vegetables than any other Chinese food place I’ve ever experienced. The choices are out there, sometimes it’s just a matter of shifting your thought process to be able to recognize them. I…

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